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Bottom loading arms are increasingly preferred by the Customers as these arms offer several Benefits over the Top loading arms, such as:

#Safety to the operators.
#Connection for filling can be made quickly.
#Filling is faster and number of compartments can be filled simultaneously.
#Danger of generating static electricity is less.
#Vapor can be recovered fully.
#Costly loading Platform can be eliminated.

Our standard size is 4” with API Coupler as per API RP- 1004 which provides flow rate up to 2500 liters per minute. Available other sizes are 2”, 3” and 6” with various end fittings, such as loose flange with stub end, quick coupling, unions or other customer specified end fittings.


This model offers several advantages, such as:

#Versatile and popular among all bottom loading arms.
#Most suitable for installations that are being converted from top loading to bottom loading, where     loading space is limited.
#Long hose is used instead of rigid piping at the secondary arm for more flexibility.
#4 nos. of swivel joints along with long hose provides high flexibility and handling comfort.
#It makes the connection more quickly so the overall loading time is reduced.
#Hoses are lighter in weight with high flexibility. Specially designed, composite type hose having    multilayer elastomeric material, suitable for 100% aromatics and constructed from the layers of    polypropylene and polyester films and fabric. Helix wires in both inner and outer surfaces provide     rigidity. Both ends of hose are swaged to galvanized carbon steel tail-     pieces with TTMA flanges.
#A wide range of additional components can easily be incorporated due to boom mounted design.
#Dependable and low maintenance service.


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This model offers several advantages, such as:

#Designed for both loading and unloading operations.
#Self- draining configuration i.e. full qty. of product shall automatically be drained after loading/ unloading operation.
#Self supported design; do not require any additional support. Can be installed on ground level by simply bolting with foundation bolts.
#5 nos. of swivel joints provides high flexibility in both movement and making tight connection with Tanker’s nozzle located at side, bottom or rear end.
#The outboard swivel joint and its connecting arm can adjust any changes in elevation of Tanker’s nozzle that may result due to various sizes of vehicle.
#Variety of end fittings, such as quick coupling, dry disconnect coupler, union, rotating flange, API coupler etc. can easily be incorporated.
#Overall height is less than 40 inch and the connecting pipe can rotate both in horizontal and vertical directions (due to double swivel joints) to make tight     connection with bottom side outlet nozzle of rail car.
#Dependable and low maintenance service.