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Top loading arms are available in many configurations, sizes and MOC as per customers’ requirements. Available sizes are 2”, 3”, 4” and 6”.

Standard Top loading arms are spring balanced either by a Torsion spring unit or a Compression spring unit. Loading arms can be supplied in Up-feed or Down-feed configurations with Left hand or Right hand combination to suit customers loading Platform.

In order to suit loading installation’s piping, loading arm’s inlet/ base flange is always WNRF, 150# as per ANSI B16.5. Other intermediate flanges are either TTMA or SORF, 150# as per ANSI B16.5.

Vacuum breaker and locking arrangements, such as Filling position lock and Parking position lock are provided as per customers’ requirements. Several additional components can also be provided with our loading arms which are ‘optional’. These are ball valves, T- Deflectors, Position sensor, Overspill Protection system, Vapor recovery attachment etc.


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This model offers:

#Double arm configuration with drop tube. Versatile top loader.
#The second arm i.e. outboard arm rotates 360° in the horizontal plane, providing a spotting allowance up to twice its length.
#4 nos. of swivel joints provides high flexibility. Very quick in reaching the furthest filling nozzle and provides surpass handling comfort to the operators.
#Can withstand rough usage in Tank Truck/ Rail Car loading operation.
#Dependable and low maintenance service.



This model offers several advantages, such as:

#Most popular and versatile of all top loaders, recommended for high usage installations.
#Can be supplied with or without Stand Post. Stand Post supported models are easy to install and do not require any additional platform support.
#Highly flexible, very quick in reaching the furthest filling nozzles and provides surpass handling comfort to the operators.
#4 nos. of swivel joints and long outboard arm provides maximum flexibility for mis-spotting and longer reaches from the loading platform to the Tank Truck.
#Heavy loads caused due to bending moment and operational stresses which falls on swivel components, is counter balanced by the boom mounted design.     Hence, swivel components are free from loads, so wear is minimized.
#A wide range of additional components can easily be incorporated due to boom mounted design.
#Dependable and low maintenance service.
#Both the boom and the arm can be folded back alongside the platform for convenient, compact storage away from the traffic flow.


Advantages of this model are:

#Recommended where platform support cannot be provided due to platform limitations.
#Specially designed heavy duty swivel joint is provided at inlet/ base in order to counterbalance the heavy     loads due to bending moment and operational stresses.
#Offers the same advantages as Supported long reach loader.
#Our standard design incorporates Compression type spring unit for this model. An additional cylindrical     box is mounted at the back of the spring housing for spring’s tension adjustment. A simple turn of     adjusting bolt (located at the top of cylindrical box) can easily and safely adjust the tension of the spring     without even touching the spring housing.


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Ferro Tube provides all technical assistance to their customers for design, manufacture and supply of loading arms for their special applications.

The above loading arm fitted with overspill protection system, is designed for loading highly hazardous and corrosive chemicals, namely diluted hydrochloric acid which is chemically non-resistant to carbon steel and stainless steel materials. The liquid flow passage of this model consists of inexpensive plastic pipes, fittings, hatch cover and flexible hoses. The metallic parts (rubber coated carbon steel) of this model are actually the carrying mechanism for plastic flow passage. However, the model offers all advantages of a conventional top loader, such as ease in handling and long maintenance free life.

Specially designed and manufactured for unloading highly hazardous and explosive chemical namely Concentrated Nitric acid (98%) from Tank Trucks. Flow passage here is constructed of pure aluminum materials (99.6%) of Gr. 1060 Temper-O. Supporting structure is made of SS materials.